Ilian is an excellent clarinetist with outstanding technique and a beautifully expressive musicality. Because of the high regard in which his fellow musicians hold him, he is in constant demand as a performer. He has my highest respect.
Charles Neidich - World Renowned Clarinet Soloist Artist Faculty: The Juilliard School Of Music, Manhattan School Of Music, Yale University

His musicianship and professionalism are among the highest I have encountered. Mr. Iliev is already one of the most sought after clarinetists in this country (USA).
Alan Gilbert, Music Director - The New York Philharmonic (2009/2010)

Published by The Times Union
Clarinetist Ilian Iliev, a brilliant Bulgarian musician now studying at Juilliard, gave an immensely satisfying performance of Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock..." "The arrangement of the violin sonata in D-major for clarinet and piano was one of the highlights of a full evening of music by a single… read more
Ron Emery

Ruth Laredo - Concert Pianist

Ilian Iliev is a wonderful clarinet virtuoso of extraordinary talent. I have performed in concerts with him and consider him to be one of the most gifted musical talents I have ever encountered, and an outstanding artist who has a wonderful future ahead of him.
Ruth Laredo

Published by The Times Union
Iliev proved an impish clarinetist with a formidable technique and real sense of adventure in the repertoire he chose …Iliev caught just the right sense of virtuoso abandonment - a stunning performance with Iliev’s own cadenza that reached into the high stratosphere for its dazzling effects. Conventionally… read more
Ron Emery

Published by The Courier Post
Clarinetist Ilian Iliev brought down the house with a folk tune from his native Bulgaria.
Carl A. Winter

Published by The Courier Post
Soloist Ilian Iliev played the clarinet part as if possessed by the music. Soaring through the virtuoso passages with abandon, he summoned a wealth of tone color from his instrument. This difficult score was received with warm applause by the audience.
Robert Baxter

Published by The Strad Magazine
The balances were ideal and, most important, the rich procession of musical events unfolded with never a false step

Ilian Iliev is one of the top three or four most brilliant clarinetists I have ever heard. The first time 1 heard Mr. lliev; I was absolutely mesmerized and overwhelmed at his unbelievable technical abilities. He seems to possess an almost unlimited arsenal of tonal colors - that he can bring to his… read more
Daniel Carl Hege, Music Director - The Syracuse Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor-The Baltimore Symphony

Ilian Iliev is, without any doubt, one of the finest clarinetists in the world. Always, his interpretations are exciting and inspirational. What a wonderful personality he has on stage! He is a joy to work with. True greatness is rare. Mr. Iliev possesses it abundantly.
Jens Nygaard, Conductor -The Jupiter Symphony

Published by New York Concert Review
The opening work was by far the most substantial (Weber’s Concerto No.2 for Clarinet and Orchestra). Iliev displayed some fine fingerwork and tone that was fluidly consistent though the range of his instrument.
Ken Smith

Published by The Boston Globe
Ilian Iliev is an excellent young clarinetist of Bulgarian origin.